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TV Cameras Invade Vision Machine; Park Slope Parking Kerfuffle

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WEST CHELSEA?Elliman's Michael Lorber held a little soirée last Friday night in 100 Eleventh Avenue's $22 million penthouse, and based on the party photos we've been obsessively clicking through for the past 30 minutes, it looks like Bravo's cameras were there to capture Jean Nouvel's Vision Machine for Million Dollar Listing: New York. (Lorber is in the cast.) Jean Nouvel always says the seemingly random punched-out windows on the building's brick side were meticulously planned to frame certain specific views, so we're guessing he's a big fan of Silver Towers. [CurbedWire Staff]

PARK SLOPE?Some Slopers are in a tizzy about ConEd's plan to eliminate off-street parking for around 250 employees in the area, a plan we are only hearing about through the petition some residents forwarded along. It reads: "On behalf of the residents and businesses of this neighborhood I implore you to not take this action which will negatively impact: (a) Availability of street parking for residents, schools and businesses (b) Ability of Con Ed employees to find parking and provide critical utility services to the community. Please do not allow this action to occur in this crowded residential community that will inconvenience residents and disrupt utility workers. Con Ed is trying to save money by making their parking problem our parking problem." [CurbedWire Inbox]

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