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German Engineering Meets Eataly at the Hudson Yards Mall

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Related just updated its Hudson Yards website with some new looks at Phase I of the megaproject, which includes three towers on the eastern portion of the site and a five-story retail atrium. Archpaper executive editor Julie Iovine is kind of freaking out about the retail component (above) because it's being designed by German engineer Werner Sobek. Guess we should pretend like we've heard of the guy. She writes: "The developers envision the retail as a Time Warner Center meets Eataly kind of place. And Sobek, engineer designer of airports, bridges and assorted “widespans” as well as membranes in glass, metal and fabric is well up to the task with a tectonic shell that any trapeze artist could fall for." Check out the view of Hudson Yards Part 1 from New Jersey:

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Hudson Yards

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