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Windsor Terrace Blog to Prospect Park: Hey, Where the Potty At?

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Newish Windsor Terrace blog, uh, The Windsor Terrace Blog, has a problem with Frederick Law Olmsted's and Calvert Vaux's real masterpiece, Prospect Park. "I know we’re a tiny neighborhood over here relative to our Park Slope and Flatbush neighbors," the blog writes, "but we too need to pee!" It's true. There's even a book! TWTB continues:

Prospect Park boasts 10 public bathroom facilities (11 if you count the snazzy new DOT bathroom) yet not ONE near our lovely neighborhood. The Park even spent $1.8 million renovating the Vanderbilt Playground but decided that our children either have bladders of steel or should practice public urination. The new playground is beautiful by the way, and a great addition to the neighborhood. Hopefully the Department of Parks hears our plea. Give us a bathroom!

But isn't that what the lake is for?
· Windsor Terrace: Bathroom Wasteland [The Windsor Terrace Blog]