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A $31M Park Avenue 'Chateau in the Sky' to Make Gatsby Jealous

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Opulence: This has it. A new-to-market duplex on the 36th and 37th floors of 515 Park Avenue, a building known for its serious floorplan porn. And while the floorplan for this 5,000-square-foot 4BR/5.5BA spread (with a separate 700-square-foot staff apartment, natch) is indeed something to behold, let's talk about the decor. Here's some color via Corcoran superbroker Carrie Chiang:

Marrying the opulence of the Old World with the dynamism of 21st century living is best left for the masters. This is exactly what the owners of this duplex penthouse did when they commissioned world renowned architect, Juan Pablo Molyneux, to build their Neoclassical "chateau in the sky." This chateau in the sky, asking $31 million, includes an onyx staircase linking the two floors, and what looks like some sort of Times Square room. Juan Pablo's done it again!

The apartment was once featured in Architectural Digest, which probably adds a few million to the asking price just like that. And don't think the buyer will get a break on property taxes like some other Park Ave. residents. This condo building is only about a decade old, and the monthly tax tab on this apartment is $11,000 (the maintenance runs $11k/month as well). So who owns it? That would be Daniel and Sheila Rosenblum, whose high-society party photos are all over Patrick McMullan and other websites. (Here's one.)

A few years back, Dan Roseblum was named?along with 515 Park Avenue developers the Zeckendorfs and a host of others?in a lawsuit filed by a buyer in the building over faulty construction, leading us to believe he is/was on the building's board. Here is a very awesome excerpt from that lawsuit:

The sponsor of 515 Park Avenue and its selling agent marketed the building as synonymous "with privilege and luxury living," reminiscent of the residences of "the elite of Manhattan society." When prices for the condominium units reached $3,000 per square foot, William Lie Zeckendorf explained that the building would "reflect the grandeur and workmanship of the classic Park Avenue apartment house." He further explained, "nothing like it has ever been built then or now." Sales materials described the building's amenities as "truly unprecedented . . . inspired by the luxuries of another era", and touted the design elements as out of "a short story by Fitzgerald". The buyers may wish they had instead read the works of Jerome K. Jerome, who wrote "I want a house that has got over all its troubles; I don't want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young and inexperienced house."Now that's what we call a burn, English major style! As for the asking price, the last duplex to trade hands in the building was the larger #27/28, which sold last year for $23,980,000, far below its $29.5 million asking price. The last second-floor staff studio to sell by its lonesome went for $550,000 back in 2005. More pics and the floorplan, you say? Voilà!

· Listing: 515 Park Avenue Apt. PH36-37 [Corcoran]