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Nasty Virus, Nastier Aliens Destroy New York City (Yes, Again)

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Movie directors and video game designers love unleashing mayhem on Manhattan, and our latest digital destruction comes in a new game released this week that has gamers foaming at the mouth, which, on second thought, is pretty how much how they look all the time. The game is called Crysis 2, and it's very Rated M for Mature. We're not talking cute little Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City stickups and shoot-outs here folks, this is end-of-the-world type of stuff, playing out in a very vivid recreation of the Big Apple. Gamer site IGN fills us in on the terrifying plot:

Set in a 2024 that seems more like the day after tomorrow, Crysis 2 depicts New York City, under assault from all directions. A bizarre virus is devouring entire boroughs; the city is under uneasy martial law, brought about by a strained partnership between the military and private security conglomerate Crynet. Then the alien invasion begins, and things fall apart. It's always the alien invasion that really screws things up! Check out the screenshots from the game above, and according to a Curbed Video Game Correspondent, who just started playing the game, this is the "best NYC on-location gameplay I've seen yet." He's already shot his way through Lower Manhattan while gazing up at the 1 World Trade Center tower, so at least we know that will be finished by 2024. Here's a trailer that sets the scene and obliterates many well-known parts of Manhattan:

And fast-forward to the 2:10 mark of this snippet of gameplay to see our hero going gangsta on a partially demolished FDR Drive. The future looks fun!

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