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34 Berry Developer Buying Another Williamsburg Site

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Another new rental building for Williamsburg? Perhaps! Crain's has some intel on 250 North 10th Street, a large vacant development site that's in contract to developer LCOR Inc., the team behind amenity-heavy luxury rental 34 Berry. LCOR is allegedly planning to pick up the site for more than $100/square foot, which is higher than the recent going rate. Owners the Lax family had plans for 250 North 10th Street, zoned to allow a building up to 155,000 square feet, drawn up by SLCE Architects and Slade Architects. Those plans called for 207 rental units with 100 parking spaces, and the site is apparently "shovel ready," but LCOR declined to comment on what it's thinking of doing with the site. Just as a suggestion, we wouldn't mind more of those outdoor amenities.
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