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Biggest East-West Controversy Since Biggie & Tupac Erupts

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer's revelations often seem to happen while Stringer is wandering around the city. That's how he discovered the annoyingness of Second Avenue subway construction. His latest epiphany: around Central Park, there is some confusion about whether Fifth Avenue is the East Side or the West Side. The Times explains that Stringer noticed, while out for a stroll earlier this week, that many of the bus signs along Fifth Avenue identity the cross streets as being on the west side, even as nearby street signs label them as the east side. Stringer wants the signs fixed, but according to the street grid, they're actually already correct: everything west of Fifth Avenue's west side falls in the western portion of the grid. Okay, now it's on: UES, are you really about to let the UWS walk away with Central Park?
· Along 5th Ave. in Manhattan, a Dispute Over Where East and West Begin [NYT]