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MTA Says Fulton Street Transit Center Now Rising on Schedule

With all the plywood up, it's hard to tell what's actually going on at the Fulton Street Transit Center (other than the name change). And given the delays and cost overruns at the hub, we weren't going to get our hopes up for anything. But the MTA posted an update earlier this week that actually hints at a surprising amount going on behind the plywood and construction netting. The transit center is more than 50 percent done, and as for the specifics: steel is going up now, following the installation of Broadway's 100-foot tower crane, and should be all done by the end of the year. Restoration of the landmark Corbin Building is still on track for the end of 2012, provided the world doesn't end first. At the Fulton Street A/C Station, the 135 William Street entrance should open in July, and much of the station's structural work has been finished. So when will all the moving parts of the hub be restored and operational at the same time? Mark your calendars for June 2014. Risk takers, feel free to use pen.
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