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Upper West Side Superoffice Worth an Extra $20 Million?

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We have no idea what sort of compromising photos of New York's real estate journalists Gideon I. Gartner possesses, but his three decades as a technology entrepreneur probably means he picked up some computer hacking tips along the way. We ask because Gartner's epic penthouse in Lincoln Square's Park Millennium (aka the Millennium Tower) has to be one of the most-covered apartments in all of Manhattan. Just before the three-unit-combo, with 5,000 square feet and 360-degree views, hit the market in September for $34.5 million, it was the subject of a New York Times story. Now, three months after a 14% PriceChop brought the price down to $29.5 million, the Wall Street Journal is all up in it. Not that we're complaining. We're still learning new things about this crazy condo (which has two kitchens), like how much Gartner thinks his home office is worth.
Gartner bought the first two units in 2005 for $7.9 million, and added the smaller third unit in 2006 for $1.3 million, bringing his total tab to $9.2 million. But surely, given the $29.5 million price, he shelled out for a pricey gut-renovation, right? Nope. The Journal writes that the expensive finishes were already in place when Gartner bought the property. The biggest change was linking the third unit and turning it into a large office space. And what an office it is: "Using switches from his desk, Mr. Gartner can lock the office doors, warm the floor under his toes and change a glass door from transparent to opaque when he wants privacy. 'It's very nifty,' he said." Agreed, but do warm toes justify a $20 million increase? We've plucked two office photos from the penthouse's Elliman listing. If that ergonomic chair and printer/fax/scanner is included, Gartner might have a case.

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