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Turtle Bay Crane Collapse Building Will Rise Again Soon

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We've been hearing for some time that things were heating up again at 303 East 51st Street, the partially-completed Turtle Bay building where a crane collapse killed seven people in 2008. In November, the building sold at auction to a buyer who promised to get fresh permits and finish the building. DNAinfo now reports that construction will start up again this summer, but with a few changes. The already-constructed portion of the tower extends 8 feet farther east than is allowed by zoning laws, and owner HFZ Capital Group plans to remove that section of the building and cut down the balconies. Once HFZ starts building up again, the tower will ultimately rise to only 360 feet, not the planned 500. That means it will no longer compete with the UN's Secretariat Building, so that alone should be enough to keep HFZ on the neighborhood's good side.
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