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Disgruntled Northside Piers Buyers Declare War on Toll Brothers

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Ever since buyers began moving into the first Northside Piers tower back in 2008, complaints about the construction quality of the Williamsburg waterfront condo complex (which now includes two towers with a third to come, eventually) have popped up on message board threads and in the occasional blog post. But now irate Northside Piers residents are taking things a step further. It seems they have launched a full-on media offensive. Two articles have just been published documenting a laundry list of complaints about the Toll Brothers-developed towers, including shoddy workmanship and Bianca Jagger's worst enemy, mold. Strap on a surgical mask, because we're diving in!

Outlet: New York Post
Headline: Williamsburg waterfront condo residents complain of 'shoddy' construction
Complaints: leaky walls, poor insulation, mold, faulty plumping, faulty sewage system, faulty heating, faulty air-conditioning. And the biggest: "The windows are thin and the seams between the panes allow wind and rain to easily come through, residents say. Some residents have taped around the window panes, but they say rain and air still blows in."
Best resident quote: "We were promised luxury living if we came across the River from Manhattan to be part of the resurgence of North Brooklyn. I was not expecting such shameful and shoddy workmanship."
Toll Bros. response: The company "is aware of these isolated situations and strongly disagrees with the allegations as they have been presented. It "will continue to honor its obligations and provide the quality and customer service for which it is known."

Now on to Northside Piers Takedown II, which is written by Williamsburg activist Phil DePaolo, who is quoted as a source in Northside Piers Takedown I.

Outlet: Williamsburg Greenpoint News + Arts
Headline: Luxury Living is Taking a Toll, Brother!
Complaints: Non-union labor, leaks, those darn windows, outrageous utility bills because of those darn windows, "shit" floors, floods, mold, mildew and some sort of wide-ranging conspiracy between Toll Brothers and the property manager to engage in "bad faith, criminal negligence, and blatant disregard for the health and safety of residents and the public." Oh, and "The Board conducted a questionnaire and as many as 88 owners have some form of complaint regarding their units."
Best resident quote: "I’d be happy if I didn’t hear my neighbors. I was told that what I was describing should not be the case. I’m not an expert, but this leads me to believe the wall is defective. I’m certainly not tearing down the wall and fixing this with my own dollars."
Toll Bros. response: "The Board apparently had a meeting with Toll Brothers this past Tuesday. They claimed Toll Brothers have 'changed their tune.' It seems during the meeting, Toll Brothers recognized that all the complaints are not isolated incidents, and are serious problems. They claim that Toll Brothers have agreed to remedy the complaints, not just with quick fixes."

There's even a Martin Act mention, which usually means one thing: Here comes a lawsuit! Any Northside Piers residents out there want to back up or refute these claims? Especially this guy. We're always interested in what he has to say.
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