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High Line Gets Graphic; Best Brokerage Description Ever

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MEPA/WEST CHELSEA?Architecture critic Paul Golberger celebrates the High Line in the April issue of National Geographic, writing that city leaders "were certain this remnant of a different kind of city had to be removed for the neighborhood to realize its full potential. Never have public officials been so wrong." The story's great but the visuals are better, from the photo gallery (check out the Friends of the High Line sweethearts enjoying July 4th on the unrenovated northern portion) to the zoomed-up video walk-through. [NatGeo]

UPPER EAST SIDE?"The heights of the Eagle, that's who we are. The colors- red, green, yellow and black- are my vision of who we all are. Multi-colored, we live on one Earth, and it is here that we stand. That's what makes us from many into one. Eagle Heights Real Estate is located on the Upper East Side in the midst of one of New York's most diverse neighborhoods." [Eagle Heights Real Estate]