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2 Gold Gets Potbelly's; Restaurant Blames Closing on Bike Lanes

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog...

1) Financial District: Developer/landlord TF Cornerstone has just signed up revered Chicago sandwich chain Potbelly's for a retail space at rental tower 2 Gold Street. It's the first Potbelly's for the Big Apple.

2) East Village: East 6th Street Cajun restaurant Mara's Homemade has announced that it's closing at the end of the April, and one of the reasons blamed for the business's failure is bike lanes. Expect a new anti-bike-lane New York Post editorial any minute now.

3) Midtown Dive bar detective Robert Simonson checks out Midtown's O'Reilly's Pub, a slightly anonymous oldtimer. He writes, "In a region of Manhattan that changes constantly, it feels like a cornerstone as solid as nearby Keens Steak House, albeit one far less honored."

4) Flatiron: You thought Eataly couldn't possible get more crowded. You thought wrong. Brace yourself for Matio Batali's epic Eataly rooftop beer garden!

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