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Two of Fugitive's Park Imperial Apartments Find a Buyer

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Midtown's Park Imperial has already had a moment in the spotlight today, thanks to Equinox CEO Harvey Spevak putting his combo unit on the market. But the day's not over for 230 West 56th Street, and this update brings in two of our favorite apartments in the building, the 65th-floor units owned by Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, whose name you might recognize from the FBI Most Wanted List. Rumor had it he'd already sold the apartments (plus his 64th-floor penthouse), but that wasn't exactly the case. The two 65th-floor apartments remained on the market asking $15 million. It looks like they've found a buyer at last. The sale of #65A hit public record today for $6,552,911, and the sale of #65D for $6,197,088, both to buyer Park Imperial LLC. Above, the potential combination.
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