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Does $15 Million Trump Tower Spread Make a Tasty Combo?

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Ready for a dose of Trump-brand opulence? A new $15.5 million listing has popped up for a 2,876-square-foot combo unit at 721 Fifth Avenue, known to all The Apprentice viewers as Trump Tower. The apartment, #46KD, has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, and one of the most bizarre combination floorplans we've seen in a while. Check this out:

Now theres's a master bedroom that's literally at the center of all the action. Half the apartment was purchased for $2.8 million 2005, and the other half for $710,000 way back in 2000. The names on those deeds are Isaac and Salim Assa, who founded Assa Properties and went on to ruin Midtown's new Cassa (cAssa, get it?) Hotel & Residences. At least that's Enrique Norten's version of the story. What would Enrique think of this place?
· Listing: 721 Fifth Avenue, Trump Tower [Trump Sales & Leasing]