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Two New Toll Brothers Projects Will Hit the Market This Fall

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Buyers at Williamsburg waterfront condo complex Northside Piers are up in arms against developer Toll Brothers, with accusations of shoddy construction and mold. Time for Toll Brothers to...move on to some new buyers! New CEO Douglas Yearley sat down with the Times, and the conversation touched on two NYC Toll Brothers projects currently in the construction phase, the newish purchase at 65th Street and Lexington Avenue and Dumbo's 205 Water Street. Here now, a pair of pricing updates:

1) The Touraine: That, apparently, is the name of the 65th and Lexington project (right), the developer's first on the Upper East Side. Construction started last fall, and sales should start this fall, with prices around $2,000/square foot.
2) 205 Water Street: The Dumbo condo is on the same construction and sales timeline as the Touraine, but the pricing is much lower, at about $800/square foot. Studios will probably be around $500,000 and penthouses up to $2 million.
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The Touraine

132 East 65th St., New York, NY