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High Line Effect Rubs Off on Meatpacking District Sex Den

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Located just a drunken stumble from the High Line, the Standard Hotel and all the delights of the Meatpacking District, the tiny Liberty Inn has withstood gentrification and remained the Official Hot Sheets Hotel of the Curbed Network™. But the formerly rough-and-tumble (and trannie-filled) West Side is getting more glam by the day, so change is in the air for the last by-the-hour hotel in the neighborhood and its "Romantic Interlude Rooms." The Times checked in?don't tell Mrs. Times!?and reports back:

On the third floor, carpenters were installing varnished floorboards in place of the carpet. (“It’s the most sanitary way to go,” Mr. Boyd whispered.) Management plans to replace the floral bedspreads with duvet covers, and the nude paintings with something “more current,” Mr. Boyd said. Curse you, High Line, is there anything your Furstenbergness won't penetrate! Er, sorry for the choice of words. Some things at the Liberty Inn will stay the same. The two-hour rate is still $60 (or $70 for three hours, you stallions!), and the no reservations policy remains. Don't forget to bring flip-flops for the shower.
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