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Mystery Developer Working on Alternate St. Vincent's Plan

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Getting over the shock of the proposed St. Vincent's comeback? Stay in your seats, folks. The Journal adds to the last St. Vincent's bombshell with the news that another group is protesting the sale of the shuttered hospital building to Rudin Management. Rudin, along with North Shore-LIJ hospital, hopes to reopen the sawtooth O'Toole Building as an emergency medical facility and build a 450-unit luxury condo building on Seventh Avenue South. The protesting group includes "a large New York City developer and a local hospital operator and medical school," according to court papers. We're not sure who the mystery developer and hospital operator are, but they plan to make an offer that would match Rudin's and include a promise to bring a full hospital to or near the St. Vincent's site. This means war!
One famous Village resident, Sarah Jessica Parker, would probably support the alternate St. Vincent's proposal, since she tells the Villager she's concerned about the lack of a full hospital in the neighborhood. And that means, as she confirms to the paper, she and the family aren't heading uptown after all.
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