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Conch Shells & Hemingways on the UES

Susan Buckley has lived in the same apartment on East 83rd Street since the early '70s, with her dog being the only other resident presently. The place has gained a lot of decor from seashells to books, chronicling her well traveled life with her late photographer husband. Among them are the "conch shells and coral from the Caribbean, the walking sticks capped by Alpine ferrules, the French sleigh bells and the Civil War-era flag, are five guest books", several of these courtesy of the Hemingway with whom she was friends. The apartment looks like a place we wouldn't mind getting a tour of because we definitely spent some time with the slideshow. And yes, we can't stop staring at that painting of the goat in the dining room either.

· Apartment 10E, 'an in Effervescent' [NYT]