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German Equestrian Champ Wants to Leave the Plaza for $10.9M

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Think only wealthy Russian composers are interested in the Plaza? Well, so are German equestrian champions. Or at least, they were: Dusseldorf-born Olympic gold medalist in dressage Ann-Kathrin Linsenhoff spent $9,761,919 on a 2BR pied-a-terre at the building in 2007. But why put up with tiny windows and not-so-tiny common charges if, back in Europe, you own a medieval stable worthy of a visit from Prince William? So Linsenhoff's unit is on the market for $10.9 million, or $5,791/square foot. Not exactly, given Igor Krutoy's $48 million buy of 6,000 square feet, a gold medal-worthy ask. But at the Plaza, any profit-making sale counts as a winner, so Linsenhoff is still in the running.

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