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Apple Soho Expanding; Brooklyn Store/Tent Burns Down; More!

And now, the latest from Racked NY, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Soho: Last year there were rumors that Apple would be expanding its Prince Street store into the vacated post office on Greene Street that shared the building with the iGeeks. Now a bunch of Apple fanboy sites are sure the expansion is imminent. It makes sense. The Soho branch is the smallest of Manhattan's Apple emporiums, and the Grand Central deal looks dunzo, so why not spend cash elsewhere?

2) Bed-Stuy: The Brooklyn Free Store, a shop that was "basically a tent in a vacant lot filled with unwanted—but still useful—goods like clothes and books," has burned down, possibly as a result of arson. And with it goes a dream.

3) Twitterverse: Guess who's chatting with the escaped Bronx Zoo cobra on Twitter? Fancy department stores! They probably just want to turn him into shoes.

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