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Brooklyn's Tiniest Brownstone Goes Missing!

Derek Zoolander would angrily call this a home for ants, but the matchbox miniature of a Brooklyn townhouse handmade by a member is pretty nifty, no? According to the story, it's based on a 1940 photograph of 131 Hicks Street, a Gothic Revival brownstone in Brooklyn Heights that survives to this day. The crafter started working on the miniature replica six years ago, and it remains unfinished. Why? Because it's been lost inside a house. A normal-sized one! Click through to Craftster for all the details on how a matchbox got turned into a mini-mansion (and what all that furniture is made of), but read on for the not-so-little scandalous secret!

131 Hicks Street and its sister building at 135 date all the way back to 1849, and many corners of the Internet delve into their history. After looking at some photos of these beauties, it appears that the miniature is actually 135 Hicks Street, not 131 (note the positioning of the front door and stoop). Guess its creator should just toss it in the trash, or sell it for $3 million like every other Brooklyn Heights brownstone.
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