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Boerum Hill Condo Hits 60; Village Noise War Heats Up

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BOERUM HILL?New condo development 47 Dean Street hit the market in November to little fanfare, but things at the project have been moving right along nonetheless. Sales reps tell us the 10-unit building is 60 percent sold, and the TCO should arrive in April. Only 3BRs remain, with prices starting at $1.14 million. According to the StreetEasy listings, that's a PriceUpper, so somebody in Boerum Hill is feeling good about this one. [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENWICH VILLAGE?There's nothing like a good noise controversy to round out the day, so here's a tipster's accusation that University Place chain restaurant Vapiano is destroying neighbors' eardrums: "For the last seven months, residents of 48 East 13th Street, 107 University Place and 35 East 12th Street have been living with an egregious noise condition created by Vapiano’s HVAC system. Attempts to correct this with the various NYC agencies (DEP, DOB have thus far have not been effective. Vapiano has been issued 3 noise violations thus far by the DEP, has been the subject of TV news coverage (NY1 & Fox5), has been found in violation of the Building Code (twice!) and yet the residents are still subjected to the loud illegal noise levels from early morning to well into the late. This has been going on every day since July 16th of 2010." Precise!
The neighbors have a plan: shame the restaurant via blog, video, and petition. Says our tipster about the video, "there is nothing wrong with your speakers, that's actually what Vapiano’s HVAC system sounds like. If the noise is too loud and you can't understand what people are saying just turn up the volume!" Noise wars: on. [CurbedWire Inbox]