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How to Get to Squatters' Row: Take a (Free, of Course) Class!

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One way to get in on the ground floor of a luxury residential project without shelling out, as anyone who's been around through the condo boom and bust knows: squatting! Cardboard, purloined electricity, and arrested development are the tools of squatters everywhere, but how to find what one needs to get started? Turns out there's a class for that! Blog Brokelyn points us to "Squat the Condos! How to be a counter-culture dilettante," a class being held April 10 at the Lower East Side's Trade School. The qualifications of teacher Christopher Robbins include building a hut out of mud and sticks and living in it during a stint in the Peace Corps in West Africa. The class operates on the barter system?Robbins suggests apples as one potential payment?and will teach students about things like getting mail sent to the squat and electricity hooked up. Practical skills and no student loans? We're not surprised the next session is already full.
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