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Redemption Story Continues at West Chelsea's 245 Tenth Avenue

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It was one of the most mysterious ghost buildings of the real estate bust: 245 Tenth Avenue, a very flashy addition to the luxury building boom along the High Line, sat completed and empty for month after month with few signs of life. But back in December it was reported that new investors had saved the building from foreclosure purgatory. Mystery solved! The plan was to return the condos to the market this spring at prices approaching the $1,500/sqft mark, and that still seems to be the case. A tipster sent along some pictures of art and furniture being set up in a model apartment on the fifth floor, as well as some construction guys fiddling with the metal-draped facade and entrance. There's also a new website waiting to pounce into action. 2011: Year of the comeback?

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245 Tenth Avenue

245 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10001