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One-Third of 1 Rector Park Finds Buyers on Second Try

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When Battery Park City's One Rector Park went missing and then fell victim to a "friendly" foreclosure, the odds of return were not in its favor. But return it did, with PriceChops, one Friday last August. Since all but one of the original purchasers backed out of their contracts, the sales team hoped finished amenities could lure in new buyers despite some hefty common charges. If it wasn't the amenities, something's done the trick, because One Rector reports in a press release that the condo's offering plan is effective, meaning closings can begin soon. More than 30 percent of the units are in contract. According to StreetEasy, that's 53 apartments. Another 61 remain on the market, priced from $450,000 to $2.55 million. With the Battery Park City Hell Building also under new management, has BPC turned a corner?
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One Rector Park

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