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Oprah's BFF Gayle King Shows Off Her Manhattan Penthouse

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If you can get over the incestuousness of this segment?Oprah bestie Gayle King going on Oprah designer Nate Berkus's show to talk about her fabulous Manhattan apartment?then you'll be rewarded with a glimpse into the private life of Oprah herself. How so? Because the interior design is in accordance with various Oprah Rules, including no white ceilings. It makes sense that the Queen of All Media would have a say in the place's decor. When the penthouse at East 57th Street's Place 57 was bought for over $7 million, it was done so in the name of Oprah's deceased cocker spaniel, making some think that Gayle had a little help with the down payment. Check out the clip below for a peek inside, and a look at some pretty darn interesting Harlem-inspired wallpaper.

· House Proud with Gayle King [The Nate Berkus Show]

Place 57

207 East 57th Street, New York, NY 10022