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Watch Out Washington, Here Comes Curbed DC!

Three years ago, following a Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Barack Obama looked out over a crowd of his supporters and told them, "Yes we can...launch a Curbed site in the nation's capital!" And while the media left out the latter part of that statement in its coverage of the speech, we haven't forgotten the Commander in Chief's words.

And so, fresh from the Beltway and streaming onto a computer near you is the newest member of our happy family, Curbed DC! Headed by Brightwood resident Amy Rose Dobson and launching right this second, the site joins Curbed National, Curbed LA, Curbed SF, Curbed Hamptons,, Curbed Chicago and yours truly in the Curbediverse. And for foodies, Eater DC has also opened for business. All politics aside, take a look.
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