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Best Rooftop Pool Rendering Ever Will Probably Never Get Built

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We never really had a chance to know planned luxury condo conversion 476 Broome Street, alias 62 Wooster Street, and now it looks like we never will. PropertyShark and Forbes report that the project is scheduled for a foreclosure auction on March 17, with a lien of $32.3 million. You do hate to see that. Especially when, according to the developer, this was the plan for the project: "2 penthouses (one a duplex), 5 total residential units, roof-top swimming pools for each unit and high-end finishes. Average unit size is 7,500 square feet. Units will include a Home Theatres, Gym, Living Room, Great Room, Dining Room...The building will also house a certified art storage and viewing facility along with an art gallery in the lobby." 62 Wooster's fortunes have never been good, given that earlier permits filed for a hotel conversion at the site weren't approved, either. We've chosen to memorialize this sad moment with the developer's rooftop pool rendering, above. Might be time to reconsider that champagne flute.
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62 Wooster Street

62 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012