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Pedestrian Plaza Cut from Planned 34th Street Makeover

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How to stop an unwanted pedestrian plaza? Accuse it of bringing on the apocalypse! Post columnist Andrea Peyser leveled that charge against the 34th Street Transitway just this week for its plan to close 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues to non-bus traffic, part of a barrage of attacks from the tabloid's columnists. The result: the pedestrian plaza has been axed from the plan, the Post, Times, and Daily News report. OK, so the complaints from local residents and businesses about not being able to pull up to their buildings in vehicles with four wheels also had something to do with the DOT backing down.

The community will get a peek at a revised version of the plan at a meeting on the 14th, and for now the final details (separated bus lanes? one-way traffic? world's longest slip-n-slide?) remain a bit of a mystery. Perhaps these folks should be brought into the loop to calm them down a bit, and not while the U.N. is in session.
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