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Would You Sublet Your Apartment to Lindsay Lohan?

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What, you thought Charlie Sheen's search for a last-minute Manhattan rental would be the only train wreck to come our way this week? Not so, amigos. Now Lindsay Lohan is on the prowl for temporary digs. La Lohan, currently battling a felony theft case in between rehab stints, is "actively looking for places in the city with her younger brother Michael," her mom Dina tells the Daily News, adding, "she has a lot of friends who already have places, so she might sublet." Don't forget to ask for a security deposit! Lohan kinda-sorta lived in the Atelier once, but we're thinking not even the celeb-lovin' Atelier wants any part of her this time around. As for our recommendations for Linds? See the Sheen.
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