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Is This $4.65 Million Duane Street Loft the Essence of Tribeca?

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As Tribeca loft enthusiasts, a bit of brokerbabble like this always snags our attention: "Every once in a while, a special property comes to market that captures the true spirit and essence of its neighborhood. 176 Duane Street is that residence." Oh, is it now? We know a challenge when we see one! So we took a look at the listing pics for 176 Duane Street #2, a 3BR, 2BA, 2,400-square-foot pre-war loft. And the place is...pretty nice! Among the features: 10-foot high windows, a window seat made from an original building beam, and schoolhouse lighting, which is less depressing than it sounds. We're guessing the apartment has gone through a renovation in the not-so-distant past, because it sold for $941,000 in 1998 and is now asking $4.65 million.

· Listing: Duane Park Loft [Halstead]