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Johnny Damon's Old One Beacon Court Pad Back on the Market

Resellers at One Beacon Court have it easy?unless they live in #39E. The unit was once owned by Johnny Damon, but maybe its goal is to have more owners than he's had. Last June, the apartment sold for $8.295 million, a very slight profit for the LLC seller who bought it from Damon for $8 million. Now the apartment's new owner is trying for $12 million, which breaks down to nearly $5,000/square foot on the 2,403-square-foot 3BR, 3.5BA apartment. A hefty price, especially since the seller didn't even freshen up the pics.
From an old listing, #39E's floorplan:

· Listing: 151 East 58th #39E [BRG]
· 151 East 58th Street #39E [StreetEasy]
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One Beacon Court

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