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'Ground Zero Mosque' Co-founders Propose Dropping the Mosque

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Could New York's most controversial unbuilt house of worship already be undergoing a major makeover? According to public comments made by Daisy Khan, who along with her husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, co-founded the planned Park51 Islamic community center that burned up the cable news airwaves last summer, a new plan is in the works. Khan and Rauf wants to turn the "Ground Zero mosque" into a Ground Zero interfaith center, one focused on inter-religious dialogue and conflict resolution more than prayer. But will there still be a swimming pool? Unclear, as are the chances for this Park51 shift. The property's owner, developer Sharif el-Gamal, had a major falling out with Rauf and Khan, though they still think they'll be able to negotiate with him.

Both visions for Park51 have one thing in common: They each need around $100 million to even get started. In el-Gamal's case, Park51 was registered as a charitable organization with the state?which would give it the ability to solicit tax-deductible donations?but the application has been under review for six months. In the meantime, the building is just an unidentified old Burlington Coat Factory.
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