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Fire Sale at Williamsburg's Warehouse 11 Officially Put Out

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Warehouse 11, the Karl Fischer-designed condo building that had one leg dangling off the cliff of foreclosure, only to survive and ignite a fire sale that set all of Williamsburg ablaze, has sold out. The 120-unit building re-entered the market a little over a year ago, and now the building's brokers tell The Real Deal that the last unsold unit has gone to contract. There are 109 recorded sales on StreetEasy to date, with an average price of $551/sqft. That's below the $650/sqft the building was looking to fetch once certain milestones were hit and the "introductory pricing" expired, but we're not going to nitpick about 120 sold condos in this market. Fare thee well, Warehouse 11, you've left us with one of the most robust archives in the entire Curbed vault, and for that, we'll always love you.
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