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Private Pool Alert! Soho Townhouse is Ready for Summer

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How's this for a tantalizing image? It comes from the listing for 54 King Street, a 21' wide townhouse that's got every De Niro except Robert as a broker. The Federal-era home is asking $5.79 million, and hitting the market at the perfect time, no? This is, after all, the start of pool season, even if we still have our winter coats on. The Elliman listing is shockingly light on pool porn, but luckily, this is not 54 King's first rodeo.

The house was a Curbed PriceSpotter back in 2008, when the asking price was $7 million. It never sold, and in fact, StreetEasy shows listings for this place going back to 2007 with a $10 million asking price. It last traded hands for $3.6 million in 2005. The interiors haven't changed since 2008?the place still looks like an art gallery?so let's cut right to the floorplan, shall we? This could be the perfect summer share for Park Avenue types.

· Listing: 54 King Street [Elliman]