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Gwathmey-Designed Police Building Apartment Now 52 Percent Off

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The late Charles Gwathmey would probably be none too happy to see the carnage that's occurred at 240 Centre Street #5H, an apartment he took four years (according to the brokerbabble) to design. Will it take just as long to sell? The place first hit the market asking an astounding $30 million in 2008. We've been chronicling its PriceChops and legendary floorplan ever since (it was once the Police Building's gymnasium), so why is the latest trim of 13 percent?under the auspices of a new broker?any different? Because it marks the apartment's official induction into the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, reserved for those listings that have shaved off 50% or more. The new ask is $14.5 million. Congratulations, buddy! Now it has something to talk about with the neighbors.
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240 Centre St

240 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10012