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A-Rod's 15 Central Park West Rental Headed for Renovation

It was one of 2010's more ambitious listings: 15 Central Park West apartment owner Leroy Schecter wanted to sell his two 35th-floor units for a cool $55 million total, which worked out to an astonishing $10,576/square feet. The only factors that made it slightly less of a long shot: a celebrity tie-in, given that A-Rod was the tenant renting #35B, and Schecter's decision to give the sale proceeds to charity.

But even the thought of doing good couldn't convince a buyer to pony up the $55M, and The Real Deal reports that Schecter has taken the place off the market as of this week. Now that A-Rod's moved out, broker Emily Beare tells The Real Deal Schecter is going to combine the units before relisting them in about a year. "Most people coming in to buy something like that want a finished apartment," she points out. Schecter's already lost one potential buyer to the Plaza, so this is getting serious.

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023