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Evicted Brooklyn Hipster Trailer Park's Next Step: Lawsuit!

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Last we heard from the hipsters occupying the so-called Bushwick Trailer Park, aka Meserole Street's Nut Factory, they had just been slapped with a partial vacate order because the trailers' engines were running indoors. That was more than a year ago, so what have the trailer park's inhabitants been doing in the meantime? Living in a vacant lot near Waterbury Street in Williamsburg?from which they've now also been evicted, according to the Brooklyn Paper. This time, workers from Kings Building Supply (which leases the lot) towed away the trailers after a railroad surveyor?the LIRR owns the lot?came across the group and charged them with trespassing. But the hipsters are fighting back: they're suing the Long Island Rail Road and Kings for evicting them illegally. Since the LIRR claims never to have heard of the trailer park on its lot, we predict the word "illegal" will come up frequently in court.
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