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Williamsburg House Goes Hot Pink; Car Rage at Edge

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WILLIAMSBURG?So what's new at 174 Grand Street, aka Passive House 1, local architecture firm Loadingdock5's eco-friendly Williamsburg building? Well, some plywood came down and the place is looks?holy crap, check out that front door! We're happy to see a building that's not afraid to wear pink. [CurbedWire Staff]

WILLIAMSBURG?Here's a complaint from a Willy B tipster about neighborhood newbie The Edge: "The Edge has started towing cars they decide might annoy their residents. There are no signs on the new streets they carved out in Williamsburg, so they have started towing legally parked cars that are in front of their building, further endearing themselves to the neighborhood. The Times did a story on this illegal and extremely annoying practice a few months ago, but I guess The Edge didn't bother reading it." Eh, It was probably just Janette Sadik-Khan clearing space for the Kent Ave. bike lane. [CurbedWire Inbox]

The Edge

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