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Russian Gambling Magnate Takes Loss on $4.43M Plaza 1BR

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We're not surprised gambling magnates have a thing for the Plaza, given the risk and unpredictability of the building's sales and resales. First casino kingpin Steve Wynn bought and sold a troubled penthouse at a break-even price. Now Russian gambling magnate Boris Belotserkovsky and his son George Bellow have also resold their Plaza unit, but they weren't so lucky. Belotserkovsky and son, who paid $5,101,643 for their 1BR, 1BA in 2007, found buyers for only $4.43 million, the Observer reports. (And that's after they chopped the price from the initial ask of $5.595 million.) The buyers already own a 3BR down the hall, so at least somebody likes the building enough to stick around. Still, Charlie Sheen's thank-you card for this one might get mysteriously lost in the mail.

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