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New Midtown Rental Will Also Have Condos at 1 MiMA Tower

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Earlier this week, we took our first look at MiMA, the Related Companies rentals/Yotel/Gehry theater-containing mini universe at 42nd Street and Tenth Avenue. Named for its Middle of Manhattan location, the building has rentals starting at $2,895/month (current listings start at $3,430), plus an amenities array that includes a basketball court, catering kitchen, screening room, and amped up pet care center Dog City. It will also have condos! The Times drops a few new details on the building, which will have 151 condo units on the building's highest floors. Studios will start at $695,000, 1BRs at $950,000, and 2BRs at $1.75 million. According to the building's fledgling StreetEasy page, the for-sale component of the project also has a name: 1 MiMA Tower.

The amenities are, of course, a big part of the building's hoped-for appeal, and the Times also shares some intel on how the particular mix of amenities came about.
The answer: through a survey of potential owners and residents that identified likely MiMAzens as "confident, straightforward, fun, loving, aspiring, and caring." They were "dog owners who spent a lot of money on their pets" and were "social and love to play the role of host." Which explains why the building staff includes a coordinator of dog play dates.
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450 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036 Visit Website

440 West 42nd Street

440 West 42nd Street, New York, NY 10036