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Tribeca's Skylofts Returns to Market at Less Sky-High Prices

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Step into our time machine and take a trip with us to Tribeca's Skylofts. Okay, we know that's a place, not a time, but the whole project is essentially a blast from the past. One of the last times we heard from the building, the developer was considering additional residential loft conversions?after being forced to tear down and rebuild the building's penthouse at the Landmarks Preservation Commission's command. The penthouse ultimately sold for $30 million, but there hasn't been much action at the 145 Hudson Street building since. Now, finally, three listings in the building have returned to the market, with some fairly sizable PriceChoppage.
Two B-line units are on the market, on the seventh and ninth floors. #7B is asking $5.75 million, down from its 2008 price of $6.49 million. #9B is now listed for $5.95 million, down from $6.82 million. The other market returnee is #9A, asking $6.95, freshly chopped from the 2008 price of $8.03 million. Interior images in the gallery. Welcome back, Skylofts.
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