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America's Second Most Expensive 'Hood: The Upper East Side!

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For those who think Forbes' annual list of the most expensive zip codes covers too much terrain, a new analysis has honed in on the priciest streets. And not surprisingly, New York's poshest real estate is a seven-block stretch of the Upper East Side's Gold Coast, 70th to 77th Streets between Park and Fifth Avenues. The median home price within this golden fortress of townhouses and pre-war co-ops is $2.8 million, second only to a part of Beverly Hills. And yet, doesn't that sound low? After all, the 'hood has seen sales of $53 million, and uber-prestigious buildings like 740 Park and 927 Fifth are within those borders.

The research was done by Location Inc. and reported in a Post story. Interestingly, the most expensive current listing on the Upper East Side?the $72 million mansion at 1016 Madison Avenue?is just a few steps north of the cutoff. The priciest pad between 70th and 77th right now appears to be the $24.5 million townhouse at 870 Park Avenue, at least until the feds get in on the fun.
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