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Julianne Moore's West Village House Back on Market for $12.5M

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Critics gave actress and children's book author Julianne Moore's West Village townhouse (you need multiple revenue streams to afford a place like this) two thumbs up when it hit the market in August 2009. But good reviews do not a blockbuster make, and Moore didn't find a buyer for the $11.995 million property. Which means it's time to list it again...for more money. Moore has just put the 6BR house back on the market after pulling it one year ago, and now it's asking $12.5 million. Nothing appears to have changed in the house itself?take a look above?which means it still has a dedicated children's floor and that sweet 49-foot garden.
· Listing: West Village Townhouse [Sotheby's]
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UPDATE: How about some video?

Our siblings at Curbed National told us that Moore went on The Nate Berkus Show in September to talk about her house's design and how you?yes you, noncelebrity?can recreate the look on the cheap. Here's the segment:

335 West 11th Street, New York, NY