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Dusty, Cluttered Fifth Avenue Apt Attempts Modest Profit

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Sometimes an expensive apartment is so obviously dated and old school that you begin to think of every stodgy trope of a wealthy person who could inhabit it. This is one of those apartments. This unit in 1150 Fifth Avenue is on the market for $4,750,000, for which you get 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. It last sold in 2005 for $4,300,000 and found its way on the market for an ambitious $6,750,000 in 2008. Right now it's configured as a two bedroom but as the listing very properly and politely points out, "The library is easily made into a third bedroom, should that be appropriate." Should you find it appropriate, this could make for a suitable apartment for a family with a couple of kids.

· 1150 Fifth Avenue 12A [Stribling]