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A Soviet Themed Apartment in A Church, Perfect For Dinner Parties

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Marisa Robertson-Textor moved into a duplex in a converted church in Fort Greene after her brother, who owned the apartment, moved to London. The situation was ideal for her, as her railroad apartment in Carroll Gardens had recently been hit with bedbugs. Even more fortunate for her, the apartment was perfect for hosting the large dinner parties she was so fond of. To seat her friends she bought a walnut dining table from Obscure Object in Williamsburg. She's got some other old decorations around the apartment, but a big theme she has going on is Soviet art. There are a "pair of posters that capture the political texture of Soviet-style society. A half-dozen robust young factory workers, some wearing safety goggles, smile out of the image above the living room sofa; the one with the sash has just won a competition between different factories. Along the stairs that lead down to the bedroom and the office, a rugged-looking man with perfect teeth exhorts his countrymen to help build their future." Looking good, comrade.

· Oh, the Dinners She Has Known [NYT]