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Curbed Research Proves $5.5 Million Tribeca Loft is Almost Perfect

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Tribeca is known for its spacious historic lofts boasting well-preserved original details, but in a neighborhood with so many superlative homes, how do we decide what's deserving of a Curbed call-out? It's actually rather simple. We run each new listing through a Tribeca loft checklist that we've developed over the years, and as a special treat, we thought we'd let readers in on process for the first time. Our test subject is this new $5.5 million 3BR/2.5BA condo at 140 Franklin Street, built in 1887. Here's what we typically ask:

1) Is there more space than what the typical New Yorker knows what to do with? Yes. At 3,159 square feet, most people will exhaust all their furniture ideas and move on to planning some sort of roller rink or sex club while daydreaming about life inside the apartment.
2) Are the ceilings high enough to hang a regulation NBA rim? No. At exactly 10', these ceilings wouldn't leave much breathing room for our Tony Parker-style teardrop shots.

3) Has Carter B. Horsley called the building "handsome?" Yes. In fact, he's called it "most handsome." Bonus!
4) Do large cast-iron columns pose a concussion risk for someone seeking a midnight snack in the dark? Yes. This is very important.
5) Are there big listing photos that would look good in a photo gallery? Yes. Oh crap, the wizard behind the curtain is revealed!

Almost a perfect score! And so 140 Franklin Street #3C has been deemed worthy. The apartment last sold in 2006 for $4.5 million, and before that, in 2001 for $2.925 million. Try this floorplan on for size, and remember, Tribeca could always use another sex club.

· Listing: 140 Franklin Street #3C [Corcoran]