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15 Rooms, 14 Windows and $13.4 Million of Eldorado Up for Grabs

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Maybe longtime Eldorado resident Alec Baldwin would call off his citywide housing hunt if he knew what was available under his own roof. A pair of three-bedroom units on the seventh floor of the Central Park West oldie are on the market, and their powers have been combined into one $13.4 million megalisting offering a "Once in a lifetime opportunity! 14 windows facing the park. Fifteen rooms, exquisite light, six bedrooms (or more, as there is a flexible floorplan and massive square footage)." Well, make that two megalistings. The apartments, 7F and 7G, are still on the market as separates, and both brokers each have a listing up for the combination (see 'em all on StreetEasy). An architect created the potential floorplan seen above. Multiple foyers and a gym? What's up now, 15 Central Park West!

Apartment 7F has been on the market since July, and it's now asking $6.2 million. This is the Eldorado pad that was recently seen in an episode of Selling New York, and it's repped by Elliman's current Shvo-in-training, Oren Alexander. Its neighbor, 7G, listed through Stribling, just hit the market for $7.2 million.

So what do the pieces look like before they're (possibly) put together? Well, 7G's listing doesn't have photos and it sports the dreaded "Bring your architect!" kicker. But 7F is not afraid to show off, and some pictures are below, as well as both floorplans in their broken-apart state. Are they, like Jack Donaghy and Liz Lemon, better off together?

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