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Facebook Co-founder's $20M Mansion Has Subway Sound Effects

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Seeing as how the Bacchus House at 40 West 10th Street has jaw-dropping features like an indoor swimming pool and private parking garage, we're not surprised that some of the more, er, interesting design elements were overlooked when Napster and Facebook co-founder Sean Parker bought the party palace for $20 million. Parker, portrayed as quite the rascal by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network, talked about his new house during an interview with the Financial Times, and we're glad he did, because we're not cool enough to get invited to parties and we would have hated not knowing this about the infamous abode, purchased from Italian beverage heir Enrico Cinzano:

Parker has kept the entrance hall, which Cinzano lined with the sides of an old New York subway train, complete with taped subway noises. “I love the subway cars,” he enthuses. “Enrico said to me [Parker adopts a slightly menacing Italian accent], ‘Sean, you know, at some point I’m going to have to take back the subway cars.’ ” Long rhetorical pause. “‘But Sean, I’ll find you new subway cars.”If two makes a trend, then subway-themed Village residences are all the rage!
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